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Technical Team Lead


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This role can be filled either in our office in Munich or in London

Your role

  • You ensure the mission, vision and strategy as laid out by the CTO is executed effectively and comprehensively
  • This is a hands-on management style role and one of your primary objectives will be to drive the “centre of excellence” concept across IT. You will have the opportunity to bring your own ideas to the table and influence the shape of this as it is rolled out. 
  • We are looking for a super talented, passionate individual with demonstratable technical capabilities who has a real eye for attention to detail. Someone who is OCD and opinionated (to a degree) about how code should be whilst being proficient in the art of code reviews. 
  • You will work in a collaborative agile environment and have excellent verbal communication and reasoning skills with the confidence to enforce (in the nicest possible way) the core engineering values and processes.

Other aspects of the role include (but are not limited to)

  • Manage day-to-day activities of the engineering team
  • Clear concise progress reports and feedback
  • Lead from the front, seeking excellence in all engineering disciplines 
  • Provide technical guidance and direction whilst being a hands-on resource
  • Responsible for feature deployment and the stability of the platform
  • Play a mentorship role, assisting others in their duties upon request and constantly promoting the growth of the teams’ professional skills
  • Development of a technical resource hub
  • Work in a geographically distributed environment and some travel (primarily in Europe)
  • Work with non-technical stakeholders within the business to understand and refine complex requirements
  • Handling multiple, competing priorities in a fast-paced environment

Things to know about our tech stacks

The current Stack
Our server-side platform is built around Microsoft and .NET technologies. We use Service Fabric hosted on Azure to drive our microservices architecture and internally use a service bus as the transport layer as well as a distributed transaction coordinator. Our data persistence approach is polyglot and consists of traditional RDB’s alongside reliable storage (a distributed key value pair storage system). 
On the client-side we use Angular, NgRX and SASS.

The future Stack
We are looking to consolidate some of our tech stack with Octopus Energy and as such will also be incorporating technologies such as Python, Django, React and Redux.

This is what you bring

  • 5+ years of solid industry experience in a senior development/team lead position (from a polyglot background C# and Python)
  • Vast experience in the building of both consumer and developer facing platforms and services including APIs
  • Experience in the management of team(s) through cross-functional projects 
  • An abundance of self-discipline is an absolute must
  • A passion for clean code with the ability to critique it in a clear understandable way
  • In-depth understanding of design patterns, when and how to apply them
  • Proven track-record of consistent project delivery, designing and developing complex or enterprise grade systems
  • Experience across multiple of technologies
  • Ability to remain calm and composed in times of uncertainty and stress 
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of software engineering practices such as CI/CD/TDD, instrumentation and telemetry
  • An insatiable thirst for knowledge

What we offer

A lot! If you will fill the role based in Munich, then all the many great benefits listed on the 4hundred job page apply. If you decide to fill the position London-based then the benefits will vary a little, but do not worry: It will be an equally awesome benefits package.

Sounds good?

Send us your application and CV to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

About 4hundred

4hundred is Germany’s first fully digital energy provider. We leverage cutting edge technology alongside a positive and compelling brand voice to bring a unique offering to the energy market. Our customer-centric approach ensures we align product development with the needs of our community.  We view our customers as a valuable resource and sincerely believe that together we can build a brighter future.

We are a technical led company with huge ambitions to disrupt this sector. Our mission is to leverage technology to provide our community with an unparalleled experience, making 4hundred the defacto standard for the German energy market. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed and we are extremely pleased that we have the full support and backing of Octopus Energy, an award-winning UK energy supplier who shares our passion and values. 4hundred was purchased by Octopus Energy in 2019, a new entrant in the UK market that recently achieved unicorn status (i.e. a billion pound valuation). With Octopus’ backing, 4hundred is now entering a rapid growth phase.